2015 Christmas Bird Count Summary — 12/19/15, 12/30/15

Photo of a bird

Two Christmas Bird Counts were conducted in our area in 2015.  The Maramec Springs count on December 19th yielded 67 species thanks to the efforts of 15 birders.  The day started at 4:15 with owling by Mike Doyen, John Hogan and Jason Gargus.  Unfortunately, no owls were seen or heard before sunrise  One eastern screech owl and two barred owls were tallied later in the day.  More than 46 hours were spent on foot and driving and 305 miles were logged during the count.  Unexpected finds were a golden eagle and a yellow-breasted chat, both of which were found by Dr. Dan Hatch and his team.  The chat will be documented as a rare bird.

The inaugural Texas-Dent County Christmas Bird Count was scheduled to be held on December 28th, but had to be postponed until the 30th due to excessive rain and flooding.  Ten teams of birders slogged through mud and traversed partially flooded roads to record a total of 69 species, four of which were count week birds.  Highlights of this count included 2 ring-necked pheasants, a lark sparrow and 2 Krider’s red-tailed hawks.  Effort data for this count is not available at this time.

Count compilation dinners were hosted by Linda and John Frederick and Vicki Nelson.  Many thanks to them for opening their houses, feeding us and allowing us to re-hash our day.

Plan on attending one of these events this year.  All are welcome and you can go birding all or part of the day for pleasure and to participate in citizen science.